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Sikkim 12th/ HSC Date Sheet 2024: Check HSC Time Table Pdf

The Sikkim Board is set to release the 12th/HSC Date Sheet 2024, which will feature examination dates, timings, and important instructions for exam days. Typically, the Sikkim State Education Board unveils the XII routine online, allowing students to access it conveniently. This timetable is usually made available approximately two months before the commencement of the exams, enabling students to plan and prepare effectively.

To ensure students are well-prepared, it’s essential for them to review the complete timetable provided by the Sikkim Board for the 12th examinations in 2024. By doing so, they can organize their study schedules and allocate ample time for each subject.

Stay tuned for the release of the Sikkim 12th Time Table 2024, as it will be a crucial resource for students gearing up for their examinations.

Sikkim Board 12th Date Sheet Notification /Updates

Sikkim Board of Secondary Education (SBSE) has not officially released the Sikkim 12th/HSC Date Sheet 2024. However, tentative exam dates have been announced, indicating that examinations are anticipated to take place in March and April 2024.

Students are advised to stay updated and watch out for the detailed subject-wise date sheet, which is expected to be officially released by the SBSE in February 2024. This detailed timetable will provide students with the specific dates, timings, and instructions for each examination, enabling them to plan and prepare accordingly. Keep an eye out for further announcements from the SBSE regarding the 12th/HSC examinations in Sikkim.

Sikkim Board Exam 2024 Status

Here’s a summary of the information regarding the Sikkim 12th Date Sheet 2024:

  • Exam Notification: Yet to be announced.
  • Tentative Dates for Sikkim 12th/HSC Exams 2024: March-April 2024.
  • Date Sheet Release: Expected in February 2024.

As of now, the exam notification for the Sikkim 12th/HSC exams in 2024 has not been released. However, based on tentative schedules, the exams are anticipated to take place between March and April 2024. The official date sheet is expected to be released in February 2024.

Sikkim 12th/ HSC Date Sheet 2024

Here’s a modified table presenting the subjects and their corresponding exam dates:

Exam DatesSubjects
01 March 2024English Elective, English Elective, English Core
02 March 2024Business Studies, B Therapy & Hair Des, Beauty & Hair, Bahasa Melayu, Elect Appliances, Basic Horticulture, Printed Textile & Maint. Of Comm. Dev
03 March 2024Physics, Heritage Crafts, Persian, Kashmiri, Sect Prac & Accntg, Cash Mgmt & H-keep, Electrical Machine, Fabrication.Tech-ii, Ac & Refrgtn-iii, Ac & Refrgtn-iii, Cosmetic Chemistry, Optics, Clinical Biochemistry, Fund Of Nursing Ii, Radiography-Genl, Textile Science IT System, Child Health Nursing, Bakery, Garment Construction, Traditional Ind.Txt, Electrical Machine, Security
04 March 2024Chemistry, Applied Physics, Fabrication Tech-iii, Floriculture, Biology-ophthalmic, Comm.Health Nur Ii, Radiation Physics, Desg & Pat Making, Business Data Proc, Beverage Services, Holistic Health, Confectionery, Floriculture, Cost Accounting
05 March 2024Urdu Elective, Punjabi, Manipuri, Malayalam, Kannada
06 March 2024Hindi Elective, Tamil, Gujarati, Limboo, Lepcha, Tangkhul, Bhutia, Hindi Core
08 March 2024Egg. Graphics, Human Rights & Gs., Tibetan, Japanese, Spanish, Marketing, Mech. Engineering, Textile Chem. Proc. Marketing, Web Application
09 March 2024Mathematics, Know Trade & Prac., Mgmt Of Bank Office, Post Harv Tech & Prs, Yoga Anatomy &Phys, Ophthalmic Tech., Microbiology (mlt), Radiography-spl
10 March 2024First Aid & Med. Care, Health Care Mgmt, Clinical Bio &M.Ii
11 March 2024Multimedia & Web T, Typography &Ca Eng, Typography &Ca Hin, Auto shop Rep& Prac, Food Production Iii, and Crtv & Comm. In M, Introduction To Hospital Management, Fabric Study
12 March 2024Accountancy
13 March 2024Political Science, Biotechnology, Laboratory Med.Ii, Retail Operations, Financial Accounting
15 March 2024Fashion Studies, Agriculture, Library & Inf Sci., Odia, German, Shorthand English, Shorthand Hindi, Engineering Sci., Clothing Const, Dtp Cad & Multimedia, Banking, Database Management Appl
16 March 2024Biology, Ac & Refrgtn-iv, Taxation, Derivative Mkt Op.
17 March 2024Dance Kathak, Dance Bharatnatyam, Dance Orissa, Dance Manipuri, Dance Mohiniyattam, Cr Wring Tr Study, Mass Media Studies, Sindhi, Off. Communication, Info Storage & Ret, Intg. Transport Oper, Front Office Oper, Trvl & Tour Oper, Salesmanship, Tsm Of Ele. Equip, Capital Market Op.
18 March 2024Informatics Prac. Computer Science, Adv Front Off. Op., Olericulture, Basic Pattern Dev., Insurance
19 March 2024Physical Education
20 March 2024Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, App/Commercial Art, Electrical Appl.
22 March 2024Economics
23 March 2024Legal Studies
24 March 2024Psychology
25 April 2024Sociology, Graphic Design
26 March 2024Music Car. Vocal, Music Car.Ins.Mel., Music Car.Ins.Per., Music Hind. Vocal, Music Hind.Ins.Mel, Music Hind.Ins.Per, Mat & Child H.Nur Ii
27 March 2024Geography, Lib Sys And Res Mg
29 March 2024Sanskrit Elective, Sanskrit Elective, Telugu, Marathi, Arabic, French, Mizo, Sanskrit Core, Auto Engineering, Evol & Forms
30 March 2024Home Science
31 March 2024Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Office Proc.& Prac., B Concept-h &Med T, Midwifery, Food Services, Geospatial Tech
01 June 2024Theatre Studies
02 June 2024Food Production Iv
03 June 2024National Cadet Corps

Sikkim HSC Date Sheet 2024

Certainly, here’s a refined version of the information regarding the release of the exam timetable:

  • The exam timetable will soon be available online.
  • Candidates can conveniently download the timetable from the official website.
  • The timetable for March exams will be released shortly.
  • We advise candidates to stay vigilant for the timetable release and continue their exam preparation.
  • The updated timetable will be promptly provided on this page once released.

Details Mentioned on Sikkim Class 12 Timetable

Here are the details typically included in the Sikkim Class 12th Time Table 2024:

  1. Exam Date: The examination for each subject will take place on specific dates.
  2. Exam Day: The day of the week when the examination for each subject will take place.
  3. Timings: The start and end times for each examination session. This helps students manage their time effectively during the exams.
  4. Subjects: A list of subjects for which examinations will take place.
  5. Subject Codes: Unique codes assigned to each subject to ensure clarity and accuracy in the examination schedule.

How to download Sikkim 12th/ HSC Date Sheet 2024?

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the Sikkim Board of Secondary Education – sikkimhrdd.org.
  • Step 2: Navigate through the homepage to locate the link labeled “Sikkim Secondary Education Board HSC/Class 12th Time Table 2024.”
  • Step 3: Click on the link, which will lead you to the page displaying the Sikkim board Class 12th timetable 2024.
  • Step 4: The Time Table will likely be available in PDF format. Proceed to download the Time Table to your device for easy access.
  • Step 5: For future reference and convenience, we recommend taking a printout of the timetable.

Sikkim Board Exam 12th Exam Preparation Tips

Certainly, here are some additional tips and guidelines to help students prepare effectively for their examinations:

  1. Review Previous Year Sample Papers: Reviewing previous year sample papers can provide valuable insight into the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. Practicing these papers can help students familiarize themselves with the exam format and identify areas where they may need additional practice or revision.
  2. Arrive Early at the Exam Centre: It’s essential for candidates to reach the exam centre at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This allows them to settle in, adjust to the surroundings, and avoid any last-minute rush or anxiety.
  3. Adhere to Exam Hall Regulations: Candidates must strictly adhere to the examination hall regulations. This includes refraining from bringing prohibited items such as mobile phones, calculators, smartwatches, or any other electronic devices into the examination hall. Violating these regulations could lead to disqualification or penalties.
  4. Seek Help from Various Resources: Encourage students to seek help from various resources to clarify their doubts and enhance their understanding of the subjects. This includes consulting reference books, watching educational videos, seeking guidance from teachers, or joining study groups. Utilizing multiple resources can provide different perspectives and aid in comprehensive learning.

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Sikkim 12th/ HSC Date Sheet 2024 Highlights

  • Name of Exam: Sikkim 12th Class (HSC) Board Exam
  • Name of Board: Sikkim Secondary Education Board
  • Page Details: Sikkim HSC Exam timetable 2024
  • Timetable Announcement: April 2024 (tentative)
  • Sikkim Board Website: sikkim.hrdd.org

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