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NEET Dress Code 2024 (Male & Female): Instruction by NTA

NEET Dress Code 2024: If you are also confused what to wear for your NEET 2024 Exam, you have come to the right place. NTA has released the instructions for the dress code for the exam for both male and female. There are certain kind of clothes which are not allowed by the authority to wear in the exam, and it is important to not make such mistakes as candidate will then not be able to enter the examination hall. Let us understand in detail what is allowed to wear and what is not allowed on the examination day.

Important: Candidates who will be wearing a customary/ cultural dress such as Turban, Hijab, Burqa will have to come early at the exam venue i.e. at 12:30 PM along with NEET 2024 admit card for proper frisking

Dress Code for NEET 2024 for Girls

There are so many students attending NEET exam every year, half of which are females. At some of the centers,

What is Allowed for Females?

Female candidates can wear the following options:

  • Wearing salwar
  • Trousers
  • Slippers
  • Sandals with low heels

NEET Dress Code for Male 2024

The dressing code for male candidates is designed to keep a cheating free environment. The guidelines are very clear by NTA about what a student can wear and what is not allowed in the exam hall.

What is Allowed for Males?

Male candidates can wear the following options:

  • Wearing trousers
  • Slippers
  • Light clothes with half sleeves

What is not Allowed?

Female candidates wearing the following will not be allowed to sit in the exam.

  • heavy embroidery
  • high heels
  • Light clothes with long sleeves

NTA Official Notice for NEET Dress Code 2024

NEET 2024 Dress code for male and female
NEET 2024 Dress code official Notification

Why is there strict dress code for NEET?

  • Uniformity: A standard dress code keeps the consistent manner for all the candidates, which is good for not cheating or impersonating.
  • Focus on Exam: As the clothes will be non-distracting, the students can keep their focus on the exam.
  • No Unfair practice: Due to this, it is ensured that no candidate is hiding any prohibited materials in the examination room.

What Not to Carry in the NEET Exam?

Candidates may note the authority is very specific with the instructions and does not allow the candidates to carry the following items.

  • Mobile Phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Earphones
  • Microphones
  • Pagers
  • Health bands
  • Metal bands, etc.

NTA Official website: nta.ac.in


The dress code is designed by the NTA for avoiding any irregularities and to have a better frisking process on the day of examination. Any individual not adhering to the instructions regulated by the NTA will not be allowed to enter the exam venue. He/she will not be able to give the exam.

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